HACENOR New Model Mini 1.5L Portable Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrator With 4 Hours Internal Battery - FYY-01

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Type: Oxygen Concentrator(With Built-in Battery)
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·Lightweight 1.43lbs Only
·4 Hours Battery Life
·Home,Vehicle,Outdoors Use

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Model Number FYY-01
Oxygen Flow Mode Continuous Flow 
Oxygen Flow 1.5±0.3L/Min
Oxygen Purity 30%±5%
Weight Machine Weight About 1.43lb
Noise ≤ 45 dBA At Any Setting
Dimension 140x130x70(mm)
Charging Time 4 Hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Maria Garcia Gonzalez
Have not mini 1.5L portable continuous flow oxygen concentrator

This mini machine is Just AWESOME! Absolutely helpful. My husband was able to sleep without worries. Easy to operate and carry. Love it!

Dr Ramon Garcia
Excellent Equipment

The concentrator is excellent . Excellent relation product-price. however, I have concerns with the customer services of the provider

Hi,dear Ramon Garcia
You purchased this FYY-01 from our store on February 2, and the same day after you paid for it, you emailed us with the idea of replacing it with another machine. We immediately replied to your email and asked you which machine you would like to replace the FYY-01 with. However, you did not reply to our e-mail. We sent you emails on February 5, February 7, March 5, and March 13 asking if you wanted to exchange your FYY-01 for another machine, but we did not get any reply from you. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, we shipped FYY-01 to you in the afternoon of March 13th, and according to the logistic tracking of FYY-01, it was delivered on March 16th. However, we never expected that you would dispute the order on March 19th, on the grounds that you did not receive the machine. Once again, we sent you an email on March 19th with our doubts and we don't understand why you did this. We thought that you would not reply to our emails as you did before, but this time you replied to our emails immediately and treated us very badly. We don't understand what we did wrong. You say that our customer service is a concern, so we would like to ask you what is wrong with our service?Thank you for your suggestions in advance, we believe we can do better in the future.

Heather Hodges
It is that quiet!

I love this machine. Sometimes I have to feel it to make sure it is running.

Do not have user manual or cleaning instructions

Purchased for a family member who was very excited for the opportunity for freedom to move around and have the mini concentrator. Only unit, nasal cannula and carry bag included. Need user manual and cleaning instructions as we have no idea how to operate it. Were there any other accessories that should have been included such as additional tubing, charging cord, etc. Appreciate your time and attention.

Hi,dear Jeannie.The user manual is mailed to you.Please check it.Thanks for your support : )

Virginia Chapman
Happy customer.

My husband loves his new oxygen concentrater. He is not so anxious and is more independent.

Take Oxygen With You,Following Breath Overly Comfortable

No Water Added
One-Piece Boot
Rapid Oxygen Release
Compact And Convenient
Negative Oxygen Ion

Long-Time Internal Battery

Duration of Built-in Battery:4 Hours
Duration of External Battery:10 Hours

Unbound Fast Charging

Support Type-c Fast Charging | On-board Charging | Power Bank Charging


The weight of machine is 1.43lbs only.

Not Afraid of Air Pressure,Available at High Altitude

Hypoxia at high altitude may cause dizziness and nausea.Take FYY-01 with you to supplement oxygen in time,it will help you to relieve altitude reaction.

High Efficiency Oxygen Therapy

High Efficiency/Filter PM2.5


Oxygen Concentrator(With Built-in Battery)*1
Shoulder Bag*1
Nasal Cannula*1
USB Cord*1
User Manual*1
External Battery(Optional)


FYY-01 can be run on AC and also run on battery.

FYY-01 is continuous flow mode.

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