HACENOR The Latest Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator 1-5L Portable Oxygen Generator For Travel Use FZ5-01

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  • Pulse oxygen deliveryPulse mode trigger detects the user's breathing pressure, and releases the required oxygen in time when the user inhales, thereby improving the body's blood oxygen in time. 
  • Light, Mini and Portable.:Only approximately 1.8KG(3.3lb), easy to carry.
  • Low Noise: At less than 45 decibels, the quiet hum of this concentrator won’t disturb or distract you, so you can sleep peacefully and carry on conversations.


Model number

Battery Oxygen Concentrator FZ5-01

Oxygen flow mode

Pulse flow mode

Oxygen flow rate


Oxygen purity

93%±3% 1-5LPM

Net Weight



≤ 45db at any setting



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Ultra-light Wight for Easy Travel

Net weight of the whole machine 1.5kg(3.3lbs)

Most suitable for the Elderly, Children and Patients with heart and lung disease

The pulse oxygen supply mode can alleviate the stimulation of the nasal cavity by the air flow, and is more suitable for people who need oxygen for a long time, such as the elderly, children and patients with other diseases. At the same time, it also improves the utilization rate of oxygen to a greater extent, and can also make the machine work longer.

Molecular Sieve——Pulse Dose

The pulse mechanism is more sensitive and uses the advanced technology of the oxygen generator to deliver oxygen according to your breathing rate. It monitors your breathing rate, providing oxygen when you breathe in and stopping it when you breathe out, often using this technology to better help us provide the right amount of oxygen during all stages of daily activities and rest periods.

Intelligent display Screen

It can accurately display the gear position and the remaining battery power.

Quality depends on the details

The compact body is more suitable for travel

A non-slip design on the underside of the fuselage is safer

Superadvantage for Your Breathe

  • Equivalent to 5 liters
  • The oxygen purity up to 96%
  • Upgrade noise reduction
  • Multi-layer filtering
  • Household and Vehicle use
  • Impulse response high utilization rate

Home Health Oxygen Machine

√ Regulate respiratory sensitivity

√ The screen shows the battery time

√ Rejection of split molecular

Not Afraid of Air Pressure, Available at High Altitude

  • Plateau available 5000 meters without pressure

Ultra-high oxygen concentration helps breathing efficiently

Selected molecular sieve, with better adsorption capacity, more powerful purification of oxygen.


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FZ5-01 is pulse flow mode.

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