HACENOR Travel Use Mini Portable 1.5L Fixed Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrator With Long-time Working 4 Hours Internal Battery FYY-01

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Type: Oxygen Concentrator(With Built-in Battery)
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·Lightweight 1.43lbs Only
·4 Hours Battery Life
·Home,Vehicle,Outdoors Use

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Model Number FYY-01
Oxygen Flow Mode Continuous Flow 
Oxygen Flow 1.5±0.3L/Min
Oxygen Purity 30%±5%
Weight Machine Weight About 1.43lb
Noise ≤ 45 dBA At Any Setting
Dimension 140x130x70(mm)
Charging Time 4 Hours

Customer Reviews

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Marysabel Salcedo Quijada

Por ahora estoy satisfecha con el producto!


I'm excited about the machine, I would really like directions on the machine. If you could please send me the information

Tara Adams
Seems to work well

Perfect size quiet and light wt. Did not receive an actual user manual only instructions on cleaning this is problematic as day 2 my husband can't seem to turn it on and I'm not there to help problem shoot. As a health care professional otherwise I would recommend this

Hi,Tara.Glad to receive your feedback!The user manual is sent to your mailbox.Since the FYY-01 is characterized by its compactness and portability, so is its compressor. Since its housing protects the compressor well, there is no dust generation or bacteria growth, so the FYY-01 requires little careful maintenance. What specifically are you referring to when you mention the machine not working? Is it possible for you to take a video and send it to us?Our warranty period is 1 year.If the machine has any malfunction problems, our technicians will provide technical support and if necessary we will take back the machine for repair or replacement.Thanks. : )

John Baldonado

Seems to work well. Would of gave a 5 star but didn't receive oxygen concentrator instruction manual and didn't receive plug for charging cord

Hi,dear friend.
Thank you for supporting our products.
The instruction manual has been sent to you by e-mail.FYY-01 is without power cord plug, only one power cord. Any Android phone charger plug can be used for FYY-01.

Take Oxygen With You,Following Breath Overly Comfortable

No Water Added
One-Piece Boot
Rapid Oxygen Release
Compact And Convenient
Negative Oxygen Ion

Long-Time Internal Battery

Duration of Built-in Battery:4 Hours
Duration of External Battery:10 Hours

Unbound Fast Charging

Support Type-c Fast Charging | On-board Charging | Power Bank Charging


The weight of machine is 1.43lbs only.

Not Afraid of Air Pressure,Available at High Altitude

Hypoxia at high altitude may cause dizziness and nausea.Take FYY-01 with you to supplement oxygen in time,it will help you to relieve altitude reaction.

High Efficiency Oxygen Therapy

High Efficiency/Filter PM2.5


Oxygen Concentrator(With Built-in Battery)*1
Shoulder Bag*1
Nasal Cannula*1
USB Cord*1
User Manual*1
External Battery(Optional)


FYY-01 can be run on AC and also run on battery.

FYY-01 is continuous flow mode.

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