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HACENOR Used Small Portable Battery 1-2L/Min Pulse&Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrator FYY-03

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Type: Oxygen Concentrator(With Built-in Battery)
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Model Number FYY-03
Oxygen Flow Mode Continuous&Pulse Flow Mode
Oxygen Flow Low Gear :1.0±0.3L/Min
High Gear : 2.0±0.3L/Min
Oxygen Purity 30%±5%
Weight Machine Weight About 0.93KG(2.05lb)
Noise ≤ 45 dBA At Any Setting
Dimension 125x95x140(mm)
Charging Time 2 to 3 Hours

Customer Reviews

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Terrance wilhite
It tries hard.

This little concentrator does the job as far as it can. The main problems are the battery life is too short and there is nothing to show when it is done charging. It is very quiet, even on full speed. I already knew it would not put out the amount of oxygen my doctor wants me to have so that is not considered in my rating. It does a good job of giving me a boost when needed.

Take Oxygen With You,Following Breath Overly Comfortable

No Water Added
One-Piece Boot
Rapid Oxygen Release
Compact And Convenient
Negative Oxygen Ion

Long-Time Internal Battery

Duration of Built-in Battery:2.5-3 Hours
Duration of External Battery:10Hours


Small Size,Easy to Carry.The weight of machine is 2.05lb only.

Low Noise

≤45dBA,use it to sleep soundly all night long.

Intelligent Control Panel

Easy Operation,One-Button Start

Not Afraid of Air Pressure,Available at High Altitude

Hypoxia at high altitude may cause dizziness and nausea.Take FYY-03 with you to supplement oxygen in time,it will help you to relieve altitude reaction.


Oxygen Concentrator(With Buil-in Battery)*1
Shoulder Bag*1
Nasal Cannula*1
USB Cord*1
External Battery(Optional)*1
User Manual*1


FYY-03 can be run on AC and also run on battery.

FYY-03 is continuous&pulse flow mode.

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6 Months Warranty

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